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Diet Bet Day 18

I pretty much have 12 days left to lose 3 pounds. As it took me 18 days to lose the first 4.5, and I ran about 50 miles in that time period, I’m not super hopeful. But, I don’t want to be out my $15, either (I’m in 2 games), so I press on. I should join a high stakes game to keep me honest(er).

Ran 4 miles @ 10:20 pace- Was almost like the old me! Felt pretty good, even threw in some strides at the end. Surprised I felt better 4 days post-marathon than I have in the last 3 months, but I won’t complain. Also, 30 Day Shred Day 1. Wasn’t really that excited to do more cardio, but since it’s only 2 minutes at a time, it wasn’t that bad. Considering my runs are often measured in HOURS. I can gut anything out for 2 minutes.

Breakfast - Omelete with Spinach, Green Pepper, Onions and LF Sharp Cheddar. Got a bit distracted while making it. Still yummo. Wanted a pear with it, don’t have any pears. Crying.

Lunch - Chipotle – Veggie Bowl. Needed. I was going to have a pita thing at home, but I had a Lapband incident with an orange after I worked out and I wasn’t sure it would go down, and didn’t want to find out.

Dinner - Oy. Time got away from me. So we got Dickey’s BBQ (had a Groupon). I did try to get some of the lower calorie choices, which isn’t saying much – it still added up to about 800 or so calories, of which I had 469 to spend. I guess it could be worse. I didn’t eat the roll (love those!) and I didn’t get any of the free ice cream (!!!!). I’ve done worse.

Again I ate about 14,000 snacks today. I could lose weight earlier if I didn’t feel the need to snack every 20 minutes. I swear I work out more and more to earn more calories, just to get hungrier. It’s like I can’t get ahead around here. LOL

Diet Bet Day 9

Ran 3 trail miles @ 10:43 pace

Breakfast - Yogurt and Pumpkin Flax Granola with half a banana

Lunch - Tuna / Egg Salad Wrap and an Orange

Dinner - Turkey Sausage and Tomato Sauce over Pasta – I bought diced instead of crushed accidentally, and forgot to buy pasta entirely, so I had to use the shells I happened to have in my pantry. I suck at this. It was still delish, though, and the kids overwhelmingly approved. Hooray for that!

Aside from those 3 well thought out and healthy meals, and my usual snacks, I was still over by about 200 calories. Or so. Thanks to the 2013 Caramel Hershey Kisses Debacle which we will not speak about again.

Diet Bet Day 5

Ran 3 miles @ 10:59 pace. Everything about it sucked. The route, the weather, how I felt, etc. Hard earned extra calories there.

Breakfast - Oatmeal with 1/2 an apple, pecans and Craisins

Lunch - Chipotle out with my boy. They have a nutrition calculator on their site. Another tip, get the sour cream on the side and add just a tablespoon or 2. It’s enough, and it’s worth the few calories. They put SO MUCH on there normally. I had guac, too, on the side, but Sean was currently eating it with his chips so it’s not pictured.

Dinner – Family Favorite Cheeseburger Pasta

I doubled this except I used 1lb beef total (double would have been 1.5lbs). Also, WW pasta isn’t lower enough in calories to make it worth pissing my entire family off, so I just used regular. It really DID taste like a cheeseburger. Strange, but decent. Not used to mustard in pasta. Haha.

It was a reach to get it all done today, as Sean had a 10:20 doctors appointment 30 minutes away. So I couldn’t mess around drinking my coffee for 30 minutes like usual, I had to get up, drink, run, shower, eat so we could get out the door. Today would have been an easy day to say I didn’t have time to run. It also would have been an easy day to say “oh well” and eat way over my calorie limit since we have a tradition of stopping at Menchie’s for froyo on the way home. I just had a small bit of vanilla and chocolate twist with strawberries, which kept it under 150 calories, and I was able to squeeze it in for the day and not feel like I missed out on anything. Especially since even when I’m eating like a lardass, I still only get vanilla with strawberries, I just get more of it, and I add granola.

At any rate, I still went over, but only by a little (<100), and I’ve been under every day until now, so if you look at the week, I’m still well under. Tomorrow I’m running longer. Yay more food. LOL I’m pathetic.

Diet Bet Day 3

Not dead yet. Even had calories left over yesterday, which I elected not to eat because surely I can’t run every day forever, and also DQ still exists. In fact, Sean has a doctor’s appointment Friday and we’ll most certainly stop for Froyo. Although, I always just get vanilla with strawberries and granola, which isn’t so bad.

ANYHOW… here’s today:

Ball Bike Class – 45 minutes
It was 7°, yo. Seven. Degrees. So instead of running, I went to the gym for the 9:15 spin class. LUCKY FOR ME there were only 3 of us, so she decided to have us do Ball Bike instead. Look into this if you’ve ever been spinning your ass off and thought to yourself “what this bike ride needs is more sit ups!”. It was quite a workout!

Breakfast - Black Bean Breakfast Burrito (black beans, eggs, salsa, low fat mexican cheese) and a Power Bar that I rage ate on the way home from the gym.

Lunch - Tuna Salad Wrap – Added an egg to my tuna salad for some extra protein and oomph, with bread and butter pickles (my fave!) and an apple

Dinner – Turkey Stuffed Peppers*

*I used the whole small can of Tomato sauce because a) it didn’t seem like enough otherwise b) tomato sauce has like 30 calories and c) what would I have done with the leftover anyway.

So far, everything I’ve made from Skinny Taste has been fantastic. I love that she gives you the nutritional information, too. I haven’t felt like I’m missing out on anything, although again I LOVE ALL THE FOOD, so I’m pretty easy to please.

And yes, I have snacks besides all this. Today I had some pretzel rods, a bag of FF microwave popcorn and 4 Rolos because I WAS GONNA CUT A BITCH if I didn’t have something sweet. I also have a few hundred calories left, so I’m thinking of something marvelous to eat with those. Maybe just a 100 calorie brownie or something and let the rest ride? Haven’t decided.

Day 2 – Well, that was special

Disclaimer: I am typing this on the most ridiculous little bluetooth keyboard I could find. So, I’m not sorry if it’s short, riddled with typos, or completely inaccurate. I also can’t make my clever little remarks on the bottom, which I know is tearing you up inside.

Day 2 started mostly uneventful. We met at Connie’s house, drove the caravan down to where she had ended the night before, and were getting the gear ready and getting set to take the photo by the street sign she’d wanted when we realized she’d already left and was 5 minutes down the road. Now, this isn’t exactly a rare occurrence for her, she goes when she’s ready to run, regardless of what else is going on or whatever anyone else is doing… but it was a shock at 5:00 a.m. before anyone was even caffeinated.

Once she got on the road we got our act together and caught up to her, the morning went along relatively smoothly. She was having some stomach problems and wasn’t eating as well as we wanted her to. We spent a lot of time begging her to eat something and trying to find her flushy toilets. Note for tomorrow: she’ll almost always stop if you offer her a flushy toilet. Most times, she wasn’t even stopping at our mobile aid station that we position every 3 miles. We would get her to stop only every 2nd or 3rd time.

But, she was in good spirits and looking strong, of course.

You might imagine that a Suburban with a  flashing yellow light (aka The Beacon of Hope any time you are running with her as its your salvation), a Humvee, and 2 other cars leapfrogging several runners and a bike down State Route 42 might draw a bit of attention.  It does.

This nice man from the Sheriff’s department in Morrow county stopped to see what on earth we were doing.  Once we explained, he found us a reporter and gave us use of the Sheriff’s department that was just down the road. This was great for us, as we not only got Connie off the road and into a bathroom and some food down her, they were nice enough to print off our press packets we’d forgotten.  We can’t thank them enough for their help!

She hit her 100 mile mark while we were with that reporter, which worked out perfectly. Some of the runners pointed out that she finished her 100 well under the cut off for many 100 mile races… and she took 12 hours off and got a full night’s sleep. She also beat Charles’ Mohican 100 time. That was his favorite part of the trip, I’m pretty sure.

Connie still wasn’t eating as much as we wanted, so we even sent Gwen out to offer it to her, because how can she say no to Gwen? It worked.

We stopped our aid station at this daycare/preschool and the kids loved it and even came out to cheer her on.

She went over to greet them, made us all cry again, and then headed back out, saying “Well now we have to pick it thdup, I can’t have them see me running slow”. Pick it up… she’s been running 9 minute miles for 2 days.

Well, pick it up she did. At mile 112, just as I was going to run the last 10 with her, she said… I swear to God… “I need to run. I feel like I haven’t run yet.” Um… what?

I ran 3 with her and threw myself in front of a truck. Not really, but I was considering it around the time I saw the Beacon of Hope. Just as I stopped, Kenny joined in. I waved and laughed. Good luck with her. She was doing sub-9 while I was with her, or faster.

Just after Kenny joined, she got another police escort, and that’s when she really let loose. We clocked her around 7:40-7:50 pace even up the hills.

Kenny loved it so much, he got himself arrested.

Just kidding. He stopped to tie his shoe/have a cardiac episode and was NEVER going to be able to catch back up to her (no one would… well maybe Usain…) so he hitched a ride with our Delaware Sag Wagon. Another big thanks to them for their help… that was a trafficy and twisty part of Route 42, the escort was great.

Around this time, though, our entire organization was starting to crumble. She should have been stopping but wouldn’t, our car and people situation was mass chaos. She kept saying 15 more minutes, 15 more minutes, but it was getting dark and dangerous, so Roy had to go out and physically stand in front of her and tell her she was done.

Plus, they had to get her to the RRS event! RRS was gracious enough to host an event and give discounts to everyone who donated to Patriot Runners, which was cool. She did some talking, and some autographing and retired to her hotel.

The rest of us ate a delicious feast provided by Mark Carroll and Tami and showered and went to bed. She’s pretty much burned through her pacers, so good thing we have a fresh bunch tomorrow. It’s crazy how strong she’s running!

Turkey Burner(?) 5k

I dunno about you, but I eat way more on Thanksgiving than a 5k can conceivably burn off. Unless it’s only meant to burn off the TURKEY, which I suppose would work… especially since I could care less about the turkey. It’s all about the side dishes (and vodka), baby!

At any rate, today was the 3rd annual Turkey Burner at Hinckley Lake (that’s polish for OMFG THIS SHIT IS HILLY). I’ve been to the first 2, so I think that means I’m committed for life. Plus, Phil wanted to do it, and we totally feed off each other / boss each other around / are total idiots.

I neglected to pre-register, so I had to get there a bit early for that. Which really only meant I got to park where I wanted. I went and signed up and then sat in my car to keep warm until it was time to actually run. I can’t be standing up and stuff. Too much work. A few minutes before the race, we headed out for our traditional “oops we went too far” warmup, and pee in the woods. Hey, no lines, and it’s cleaner than a porta potty!

We actually got back on time this time, and then waited. And waited. And waited. They apparently didn’t care that there were birds to be cooked or that my heart rate was back to normal. Of course, neither did I. I NEVER want to run when I’m standing at that start line. Postpone this all day for all I care, I’m happy just to stand here. But alas, off we went.

My original plan was just to work it out to be my scheduled tempo run, which was 1 mile warm up, 4 miles @ 9:18, 1 mile cool down.

Instead I did 1.5 miles warm up, 3.1 miles @ 9:03, and ate pumpkin roll.

Close enough?

During the last mile, I employed my hill strategy from River Run. I walked the FIRST half of the hill, then once I’d recovered, I ran the rest and went on from there. It worked well again, as everyone who had passed me while I was walking was easily overtaken near the top once they were gassed and I was rested. Also, while I was walking, one of my former half marathon clinic participants passed me, and I couldn’t have her beat me! Most of the rest of the last mile was down hill, so I unleashed and finished pretty well. Splits were 9:06, 9:00, 9:05, even with the walk break. Not bad for this:

Not a PR. Not even a course PR. But better than what I planned on doing, and given that this week I’ve run 2 5k race, swam twice, and did track repeats, I’m pretty satisfied with things.

My unofficial finish was 28:10, and my unofficial AG ranking was 4th. I only guess this because when they called off 3rd, she’d barely beaten me. So maybe 5th. But I think 4th. There were about 500 people there, so again, I’m not too unhappy with how it all went down.

Then I ate 25,385 calories. The end.