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Coach’s Corner: Cold Pop

I thought perhaps I’d put on my coach’s hat and give you (mostly myself) a lecture. About Cold Pop.

Hopefully you’ve all seen the lovely and fabulous Sweet Brown talk about Cold Pop here, forever cementing me calling it Cold Pop until the day I die. And then, of course, the autotune remix.

And oh Lord Jesus, I love me some cold pop as much as Sweet Brown. An 32-ounce, icy cold fountain Coke* after a long run is a small piece of heaven.

It’s also about 80+ grams of sugar. Or 26 teaspoons. If you’re drinking a 32-ounce soda with your lunch, you are basically sitting there spooning 26 teaspoons of sugar into your mouth. Sugar, as you well know, is delicious has no redeeming nutritional value.

“But Angie, I drink DIET soda!” Ahh, no calories. No sugar. No problem?


Even Diet soda can harm your kidneys, cause depression, stall your weight loss, tear up your heart, ruin your teeth, and lead to bone loss.

Read up for yourself:

Should I go on? I could literally post about 100 of those links without even having to dig. Soda is bad, y’all. Diet/Regular/Zero/all of it. Drink some water. Flush your kidneys. Hydrate your body. It’s the only way!

*I still love french fries. Yes, that’s related. I like to get a Coke and fries after my long run. I crave the salt because I sweat like a whore in church when I run.

I hope Coke Zero doesn’t sue my ass off.