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Diet Bet Day 26

Hit my Diet Bet target this morning. Now I need to hold on until Wednesday AND be able to wear clothes for the weigh in. O.o

Run 5.5 miles @ 9:47 average – Weekly coffee run. My favorite, because we have coffee and pastries after. But, I’m behaving myself. The run itself was amazing and so was the breakfast.

Breakfast - Panera – Steel Cut Oats with brown sugar, pecans, and strawberries. Super delicious and nice and warm after that cold run.

Lunch - Wrap that took entirely too long to make (turkey, Laughing Cow Swiss Light, lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, green onions) and a pear. Again too much green here?

Dinner - Taco Soup – not what was on the menu, but I realized at 5pm that everything that WAS on the menu was either frozen or a crockpot meal. Oops. Good thing I happened to have all the ingredients on hand for this because I love it more than… well a lot.

Also, these:


Over and out!

Diet Bet Day 25

My weight is slowly creeping down.* Lets hope that trend continues for 5 more days.

Run 4 miles (ish) – Ran on my basement treadmill. Needs to be calibrated. So I ran just a tad harder than my normal “perceived effort” for 44 minutes, and then counted it as 4 miles. I’m sure I covered at least 4. Treadmill said 3.2. Whatever, loser. Pointed it at the window so I could remind myself why I was running on a treadmill. Watched the first part of Supersize Me while I was running. Wanted a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Breakfast - Smoothie with Banana, blueberries, pear, orange juice, soy milk and spinach. Yum. Will need a bigger snack later because there’s no protein here, but my body wanted the fruits and veggies. I took the picture before I added the OJ, and this made enough for 2 servings.

Lunch -Broccoli Cheese Twice Baked Potatoes My potatoes were sad, and I made a little extra broccoli.

Dinner - Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Wraps – DELICIOUS! Also delicious, peas: not shown.

My goal for tomorrow is to venture outside Skinny Taste for a moment and make my next menu. Although I am loving everything we are having, I’m feeling a bit too fangirl/stalkerish.

Also I have 500 calories left after dinner. Trying to decide how to spend those. Mmmm sugar.

*It does fluctuate a couple pounds here or there, but as long as the general trend is down, I don’t get too hung up on the number. I’ve weighed every day for 5 years, so you aren’t gonna stop me. I know you are only supposed to weigh once a week, but like I said, it fluctuates so much, that all I need is for weigh in to be on my random heavy day. Then I think I didn’t lose weight and rage eat a cake.

Diet Bet Day 24

I think this is the longest I’ve ever behaved myself on a diet. That looming deadline is quite a motivator. Judging by today’s weight, I have 1.3 pounds to go, but I fluctuate a lot and knowing my luck, the official weigh in will be on a heavy day.

One Hour Spin – Still in the single digits outside. Was hard to even make myself go outside long enough to get to class and back. But, it’s done.

Breakfast - Oatmeal – Waited til the last minute of cooking and added 1/8 cup of pumpkin, some cinnamon and a packet of Splenda. Topped with pecans and Craisins. I think next time I’ll add a splash of almond milk and it will be perfect.

Lunch - Open-Faced Tuna Sandwich. This is a higher calorie sandwich than I’d normally have, but I skipped my morning snack so I’m hungry. The bread is Nickel’s Bakery 35 calories per slice and the cheese is the Sargento Ultra Thin sliced, so it’s not too awful. About 375 total with the lettuce, onions and celery. Very filling! The green plate was probably a bit much for the photo, but hey what can I say. It was clean.

Dinner - Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken – I am loving the LaTortilla Factory low carb tortillas, only 50 calories each. With rice and avocado, this was super filling and yummy.

Now I need to go satisfy my sweet tooth without jumping ship.

Diet Bet Day 23

Watched the finale of Fringe (finally) last night, and woke up with a crying hangover. Headache, puffy, etc. Not a good start.

“Intense Cross Fitness” Class- Just could not make myself run when the temperature was 7°F with a -7°F windchill. Even though I’ve run in colder. Today was not the day. So, I wandered into my old gym (haven’t been there in years) knowing they had a 9:15 class of some kind every day. Was hoping for spin, but would have done pilates or yoga or strength or whatever it was. It was this. Oh my word.

We did 10 (guessing) minutes of intense-someone-call-a-doctor spin, and then 1 minute at each of 13 stations. Wall balls, mountain climbers, bicep curls, jump rope, chest press, push press, step ups, push ups on the Bosu ball, you get the idea. Then back to the spin bikes for more cardiac episodes. Another minute at each station. Followed by one more round of spin. Just over an hour total and brutal, non-stop intensity. It was great. But I might need someone to come brush my teeth for me tomorrow.

If I had to guess, I would say I burned roughly 14,572 calories.

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs (yes I broke them on purpose) and a pear (Yay finally got some pears. They were quite disappointing, though.)

Lunch - Chipotle. Worth every calorie (emotionally and deliciously). Nap needed.

Dinner - Turkey Stuffed Peppers – These went over well last time, so I made them again. I found some Santa Fe Style ones on her site yesterday, I’m going to try them soon. I love stuffed peppers. Horrible photo. Please forgive me.

Diet Bet Day 22

Weighed in. Been fluctuating a lot the last few days, and today I landed right in the middle of those fluctuations, which leaves me officially/unofficially* down 5.2lbs since the challenge started. Not too shabby.

It’s being mean to me!

Ran 4 miles @ 10:10 pace- Feels great to be back at my old pace, even if it is harder than it was. I’m getting there. Hills most of the time, windchill was 8°F, snow blowing in my face, and I hacked up half a lung. Great run!

Also did 30 Day Shred in the evening.

Breakfast - Lowfat Yogurt with Kashi cereal, blueberries (frozen, I have low standards) and almonds.

Lunch -Was out shopping and ran late and was starving and there’s a Subway inside Wal-Mart, so I got a sandwich. Came home and made the kids put the groceries away while I inhaled it. Not before taking a photo, though! And I’ll never find any of my groceries.

Dinner - Pasta with Bolognese Sauce. Yummy warm meal on a FREEEEZING cold day.

Still snacked too much. This is a problem. But, I kept within my calories, so HOORAY.

*Only the first and last weigh in officially count in the game, because you have to submit photos for them to verify. I use a Monday weigh in as my own personal official one.

Diet Bet Day 21

3 weeks in! Not looking hopeful with 9 days left and 2.5 lbs to lose. Eek. BUT, I have lost weight, which was the whole point. And I’m not stopping now!

I should mention that my rendezvous with BW3 last night only put me over by about 300 calories because I had a ton left. Just so it doesn’t’ seem like I was like SCREW THIS – EAT ALL THE WINGS.

30 Day Shred Day 2- It’s actually day 4, I just didn’t do it on day 2 or 3. My legs are feeling tired from the 17 miles I’ve already put on them since the marathon last weekend, and soccer last night, so I decided I pretty much HAD to take a day off from running, even though I don’t wanna. Used 8lb weights this time and it was hard work!

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Apples, Cinnamon and Pecans (and Splenda, because cancer is yummy)

Lunch -Big Salad – Romaine, Spinach, Gala Apple, bell pepper, bleu cheese, Craisins, Pistachios, Raspberry Vinaigrette

Dinner - Pizza! I was in the car for 4 hours picking the kids up, so we ordered Dominoes. It just opened and I wanted to try it anyway, so it worked out. Luckily, being in the car for 4 hours kept me from snacking, so I had plenty of calories left for a slice (which filled me up), as well as a couple hundred more for later if I get hungry again. If so, I have some leftover Taco Soup in the fridge.

Not a horrible day overall, but not a fantastic weekend, so I’m not super excited to weigh in tomorrow.

Diet Bet Day 20

Ran 5 miles @ 11 minute pace- I guess. Guessing at the pace. Forgot to turn watch on. But they assured me it was 5 miles.

Breakfast - Smoothie with vanilla yogurt, spinach, frozen peaches, frozen blueberries, banana and orange juice. 339 calories according to my calculations.

Lunch -My Panera lover, again. Don’t judge. I’ve taken a new picture of it every time, that outta count for something.

Dinner - Stopped for BW3 on the way home. I got a salad, but I got a salad with boneless wings and bleu cheese dressing on it, so I don’t think that still counts as salad. Also, I ate 2/3 of the soft pretzels. It was delicious and worth every calorie. We’ll call it my Bob Harper Cheat Meal. Of course, one of the other rules is to not drink your calories, which I did for breakfast. I’M NOT PERFECT, OK?

No cardio tomorrow other than possibly a date with the 30 Day Shred. Hope I don’t keel over from lack of calories.

I apologize for mentioning Bob and Jillian in the same post. I’m not sure what came over me.

Diet Bet Day 19

Ran 5 miles @ 10:20 average- Felt super amazing! Not sure why, but didn’t argue. Last 2 miles both sub-10. I’m almost back!

Breakfast - Chobani Pineapple Greek Yogurt, Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal, small banana. They aren’t kidding about the “crunch” part of that cereal.

Lunch - Panera Chopped Chicken Cobb Avocado. The love affair continues.

Dinner - On the road dropping the kids off, so got my usual at Subway. Turkey, no cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, onion, banana peppers and cucumbers. Was too much bread, but I still enjoyed it.

Actually under for today! Yippee! Even with 2 meals out. Whew. All I had to do was run my ass off this morning, and then spend 4 hours in the car with no access to food.

Diet Bet Day 17

I’m back in the game! Actually, I was back in it yesterday. But breakfast was a Powerbar on my way to run and then I don’t know what happened after that.

I ran the Disney half on Saturday and the full on Sunday, and really don’t have much if any loss from that. Which seems rude. I didn’t eat TOO terribly bad while there, although I did have a heavy petting session with a Black and Bleu burger and Fries after the marathon. I’m hoping the sodium in the chinese food I ate when I got home is just making me retain water or something. 39.3 miles, seems like I deserve to be down a pound from that. What a ripoff if not. I’ll flip a water table and quit!

Spin Class- Wanted to run. Ran yesterday. But don’t want injury. I almost injured myself after my last marathon by trying to jump right back into it, so I’m trying to avoid that. I have no pain or soreness, but that doesn’t mean my legs aren’t tired. Also, I always take the lazier option if given a choice. Not that spinning is easy, but it’s at least sitting down.

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Blueberries and Almonds

Lunch - Taco Soup. Forgot to buy Mexicorn and only had mixed vegetables in the freezer. I don’t care. Don’t judge. Although, you probably can’t even see my peas and green beans in here, so I don’t know why I brought it up.

Dinner -Pasta with Italian Chicken Sausage and Escarole

RAVENOUSLY hungry today. I didn’t eat anything BAD, but I sure as hell ate too much. Ugh.

Diet Bet Day 11

Nothing new on the scale today. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I did have the one day of fartoomany* Caramel Kisses, but otherwise I’ve been pretty good. Not enough water, so I’ll work on that today.

No Cardio Today- I’m doomed.

Breakfast - Breakfast burrito (egg beaters, black beans, salsa, LF cheddar) and an orange. There’s a slight possibility I might have overfilled it. Just maybe. Didn’t finish it. Not even close.

Lunch - Big Ass Salad. Romaine, pears, Craisins, almonds, blue cheese and Kraft Light Raspberry Vinaigrette

Dinner -Sweet and Sour Meatballs. Not the most low-calorie ever, but mighty delicious. And of course my beloved Steamfresh Veggies. I haz teh lazy.

Snacks: All. Hungry today. Always feel defeated on days I don’t get the extra calories from exercise, and not sure how to fix that.

Flight to Florida for the Disney Marathon leaves tomorrow morning at 8:45, so not sure when I’ll be able to check in with all of this while I’m gone. Definitely won’t be able to post my adorable little shitty iPhone photos. But, we will see how it goes. Lets hope I don’t eat the state of Florida and come home even heavier than I started.

*Obviously translates to ‘far too many’, not ‘fart oomany’. I’d never oomany after eating chocolate.