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Just Be – June 13th Release

This kit seemed really different for me, color-wise. At first I almost ditched it, but I decided to push through and see what happened. When I saw the CT girls work it, I was so so glad I did! They did some amazing pages with this kit, which always gives me the warm fuzzies.

Here’s the kit:

And a few of the stunning pages from the TDC CT!

Anita (love love the blending!):

Hillary (love the B&W photos with the white background, and her super cute, and PINK, font choice):

Suzanne (love the fun way she used the polaroid frame, and all her clusters):

That’s it for this week. Next week I have some new cutting files (shhh… you heard it here first), and a couple re-released paper packs. Stay tuned!

6/6 Releases

No, I didn’t die or fall off the face of the earth. I just sometimes have a chaotic life around here with 5 kids, and being in school, and coaching running, and training for marathons and all that jazz.

I was actually working on a new kit for this week, but I didn’t quite wrap it up in time, so that’ll be here next week. In the meantime, here’s one of my fairly recent releases back from Two Peas. I love this kit. The colors and the theme! I hope you do, too.

See you next week with a brand new kit! Yay!

Week 2 Report

Week 2 went “ok”. Not as smoothly as week 1. The fast days were both fine – same story as before. I’m generally fine up until 2pm, then it starts to get a little hairy. But, it comes and goes and as long as I keep myself busy, it isn’t too bad. I’ve fallen into a good rhythm of eggs/spinach/cheese with fruit for breakfast and the Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken salad from Panera for dinner.

Total loss this week, .4

Now lets talk about Thurs, Friday, Saturday.

Aye, caramba! If it existed, I ate it. Sunday ended up a mix of “omg this is my last day to eat before I fast again” and “I need to get my shit together here!”

Hoping as we go along, my desire to eat the world on ‘feast’ days will diminish. But we are talking about a 42 year food addiction here, so I guess we are operating in baby steps. And 1/2 pound lost considering what I ate – I’ll take it!

A Couple Scrappies!

I’ve still been hit or miss with my scrapping, here’s are a couple random pages I’ve done.

This first one was way different for me. Not sure why. The style seems different from my usual, but yet I really love it.

For Digi Dare #323
Credits: Paper and Elements from Chin Up by Allison Pennington. Journaling cards from Be and Get Your Craft On by Micheline Martin. Beads, background paper and stitched frame from Get Your Craft On by Micheline Martin, Valorie Wibbens and Lauren Grier. Word art from Be Your Best by CD Muckosky. Fonts Pea Stella Noodles and Stampete.

And of course I love this one with my 2 wackadoodle boys!

Credits: Happy Hipster elements by Amy Wolff, Happy Hipster papers by Amy Wolff, Feb Freebie template by Amy Martin