October Ends

And I did in fact miss my 100 miles.  By a mile.  Or 26.

74 miles for the month of October.  Between recovery from Akron, and tapering and then recovering from Columbus, and then the 4 days of cold windy rain brought on by Hurricane Sandy (wth I live in OHIO, people!) it just didn’t happen.  I’d even planned to run a few at the rec center yesterday since the kids were off school (cancelled), but then we lost power.  And since we live across the street from the rec center, they also lost power.  Leave it to me to lose power after the storm has passed.

It has actually been 6 days since I’ve run.  WTF.  I haven’t gone 6 days without running in quite a long time.  Definitely feeling v fat and out of shape.

Planning on a run tomorrow to get November off to a better start.  Hopefully I feel rested and healthy and have a great run, I need it!



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