Nov 1 – back on the road

After my 3 lousy post-marathon runs last week, I thought I should take a couple days off.  Hurricane Sandy made that few days a few MORE days.  Finally, it was Thursday again, and I hadn’t run since the Thursday before.  Zoinks.

At any rate, off I went.

If there’s one way to assess the storm damage in your neighborhood, going for a run is it.  Saw this down the street from my house:

You can’t tell from the picture, really, but that was QUITE a tree.  Hard to imagine what things are like in actual hurricane territory.  Yikes.

At any rate.. the run was mediocre.  Bit of hip flexor pain, but I felt decent overall.  Was moving quite slowly, though.  Far better than last week.  Hopefully it keeps getting better – I haven’t had a marathon knock me out this much before!

November mileage: 3


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