Hitting the Track


I always avoid it, and I’m not sure why. I don’t usually hate it while I’m there, and of course I feel great about it AFTER, but the whole idea just makes me not want any part of it.

At any rate, I know I must do it, so Tuesday, I set off.

My plan: 6×800 @ 4:12 with 90 seconds rest in between

The pace seemed doable – it’s a bit below my 5k pace, although admittedly that 5k was in spring when I was 12lbs lighter – but 90 seconds is not a long time to rest!

But, only one way to find out.

The thing about the track is, if there’s ANY wind, you get it. So usually one side of the track is all WEEEEE and the other side is all KILLMENOW, which was pretty much the case.

I decided I’d walk the 90 seconds, just to give me every opportunity for recovery. Normally I jog them, but with such a short rest, I wasn’t sure. Usually for an 800 meter repeat, I’d take about a 4 minute jog between them.

Surprise surprise, it went great! The 5th one seemed a little hard, but when I looked at my watch with about 150 meters left of it, I saw I was way ahead of pace. Even backing off that last 150 meters, I still came in a few seconds early. The 90 second walk equated to about 100ish meters – not far at all!

Splits were as follows: 4:12, 4:11, 4:12, 4:11, 4:06, 4:12

Killed it!

In other news, I’ve started this (I must tell you that I originally typed “sharted” and was almost tempted to leave it.):

*Not an affiliate link. I don’t care if you buy it. ;)

The first day, I was all PFFFFT I need heavier weights than this (the heaviest hand weights I have are 10lbs each). All day that day I was muttering under my breath “10lbs pfft. Need 25s. 10 is for sissies.” and so on.

Then the next day… O.o

And the following… O.o

I did it 2 days in a row, with the speedwork preceeding day 2 (don’t recommend that nonsense at all).

I had to take yesterday off because I couldn’t sit on the toilet. Which is a problem. Nor could I get up off the toilet, which is also a problem.

Today I was supposed to do a tempo run, but.. Yeah no. Skipping that. But I will do day 3 of the video.

If you need me, I’ll be in the bathroom. Trying to sit down or stand up.

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