Turkey Burner(?) 5k

I dunno about you, but I eat way more on Thanksgiving than a 5k can conceivably burn off. Unless it’s only meant to burn off the TURKEY, which I suppose would work… especially since I could care less about the turkey. It’s all about the side dishes (and vodka), baby!

At any rate, today was the 3rd annual Turkey Burner at Hinckley Lake (that’s polish for OMFG THIS SHIT IS HILLY). I’ve been to the first 2, so I think that means I’m committed for life. Plus, Phil wanted to do it, and we totally feed off each other / boss each other around / are total idiots.

I neglected to pre-register, so I had to get there a bit early for that. Which really only meant I got to park where I wanted. I went and signed up and then sat in my car to keep warm until it was time to actually run. I can’t be standing up and stuff. Too much work. A few minutes before the race, we headed out for our traditional “oops we went too far” warmup, and pee in the woods. Hey, no lines, and it’s cleaner than a porta potty!

We actually got back on time this time, and then waited. And waited. And waited. They apparently didn’t care that there were birds to be cooked or that my heart rate was back to normal. Of course, neither did I. I NEVER want to run when I’m standing at that start line. Postpone this all day for all I care, I’m happy just to stand here. But alas, off we went.

My original plan was just to work it out to be my scheduled tempo run, which was 1 mile warm up, 4 miles @ 9:18, 1 mile cool down.

Instead I did 1.5 miles warm up, 3.1 miles @ 9:03, and ate pumpkin roll.

Close enough?

During the last mile, I employed my hill strategy from River Run. I walked the FIRST half of the hill, then once I’d recovered, I ran the rest and went on from there. It worked well again, as everyone who had passed me while I was walking was easily overtaken near the top once they were gassed and I was rested. Also, while I was walking, one of my former half marathon clinic participants passed me, and I couldn’t have her beat me! Most of the rest of the last mile was down hill, so I unleashed and finished pretty well. Splits were 9:06, 9:00, 9:05, even with the walk break. Not bad for this:

Not a PR. Not even a course PR. But better than what I planned on doing, and given that this week I’ve run 2 5k race, swam twice, and did track repeats, I’m pretty satisfied with things.

My unofficial finish was 28:10, and my unofficial AG ranking was 4th. I only guess this because when they called off 3rd, she’d barely beaten me. So maybe 5th. But I think 4th. There were about 500 people there, so again, I’m not too unhappy with how it all went down.

Then I ate 25,385 calories. The end.

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