Run Across Ohio – A Grand Adventure Begins Tomorrow

So I have this crazy ass friend. Sorry for the language, but when I tell you about her, I think you’ll agree the terminology was correct.

connie gardner

Her name is Connie Gardner and she runs. A.LOT. She wins races and sets records all over the place. And I don’t mean at your local 5k, either. I’m talking about ultra marathons. 50 miles, 100 miles, MORE. All told, she’s won 12 National Championships in ultra distances, and set an American Record in the 24 hour race. Yes, girlfriend runs for 24 hours straight.  Ok, she does stop for SOME things.

connie gardner

She also really really likes beating records. Like, really.

I also have this other friend, Charles Elkins. He does crazy stuff like run a marathon through a desert sandstorm wearing some heavy ass weighted backpack.

charles elkins

In his spare time between running a business, and carrying sand around, Charles started a charity. The Patriot Runners is an amazing organization with a fairly simple mission. They help combat-wounded veterans get back into sports. They raise money to help with therapy, prosthetics, training, and so on. This service is invaluable to our American heroes who are suffering from PTSD, brain injuries, and more. Please consider donating, it really is a phenomenal cause.

But something has happened. Someone let Connie and Charles be in the same room together. And the scheme they cooked up will have you shaking your head…

Connie is now the “Championed Runner” for The Patriot Runners. What does this mean, you ask?

Well, even if you didn’t ask…

Connie is going to do some amazing things to help raise awareness as well as money for The Patriot Runners.

Starting tomorrow, she will attempt to Run Across Ohio in just 4 days. We will leave Cleveland at 5am Thursday (from Browns Stadium) and arrive in Cincinnati (at Paul Brown Stadium) Sunday around 2pm. She will need to run around 60 miles a day to meet this goal. 60.Miles.A.Day, people. If I ran 60 miles in a WEEK, you’d have to come feed me and wipe my butt.

Oh and, I’m not just writing this for Informational Purposes. I’m going with her. Not on foot, though, I can’t keep up with her from here to the mailbox. But on my bike. I’ll be making sure she’s fed and watered and dry and whatever else she needs, and she’ll probably just be mean to me. She’s not super cuddly after 50-60 miles. But I can take it. She’s small.

I’m also the Official Blogger for Run Across Ohio (I totally just made that title up). Or at least I was. They might read this where I talk about my butt and change their minds quickly. I will be blogging each night about the day’s events. I’ll also be Live Tweeting when possible, ie: not while I’m on my bike. I can barely stay upright without having my phone in my hand. So follow me @Angie4b1g and Connie @UltraConnie for the shenanigans.

Oh, by the way… she’s doing this not only to raise money and awareness for the cause, but this is also serving as a “trial run” for the next big event. You sitting down?

Run Across America 2013

America. The whole thing. In World Record Time. 44 days. 70+ miles a day. In June. Sentence fragments optional.

Yep, that’s the goal. To run from San Fransisco to NYC in 44 days.

Any questions?

7 thoughts on “Run Across Ohio – A Grand Adventure Begins Tomorrow

  1. Laura

    I agree with your “crazy ass” description.

    Good luck Connie, Angie, and those involved in doing nutty stuff to raise money for a great cause! :)

  2. Joan

    Crazy ass is indeed the correct terminology.

    What an excellent cause. Here’s hoping this crazy ass venture is wildly successful!

  3. Haley Bailey

    Connie Gardner is!!! Such an inspiration and a great mentor to so many runners!! Thanks for the blog!! Ya’ll stay safe!! Can’t wait to hear all the updates along the way!!


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