Day 2 – Well, that was special

Disclaimer: I am typing this on the most ridiculous little bluetooth keyboard I could find. So, I’m not sorry if it’s short, riddled with typos, or completely inaccurate. I also can’t make my clever little remarks on the bottom, which I know is tearing you up inside.

Day 2 started mostly uneventful. We met at Connie’s house, drove the caravan down to where she had ended the night before, and were getting the gear ready and getting set to take the photo by the street sign she’d wanted when we realized she’d already left and was 5 minutes down the road. Now, this isn’t exactly a rare occurrence for her, she goes when she’s ready to run, regardless of what else is going on or whatever anyone else is doing… but it was a shock at 5:00 a.m. before anyone was even caffeinated.

Once she got on the road we got our act together and caught up to her, the morning went along relatively smoothly. She was having some stomach problems and wasn’t eating as well as we wanted her to. We spent a lot of time begging her to eat something and trying to find her flushy toilets. Note for tomorrow: she’ll almost always stop if you offer her a flushy toilet. Most times, she wasn’t even stopping at our mobile aid station that we position every 3 miles. We would get her to stop only every 2nd or 3rd time.

But, she was in good spirits and looking strong, of course.

You might imagine that a Suburban with a  flashing yellow light (aka The Beacon of Hope any time you are running with her as its your salvation), a Humvee, and 2 other cars leapfrogging several runners and a bike down State Route 42 might draw a bit of attention.  It does.

This nice man from the Sheriff’s department in Morrow county stopped to see what on earth we were doing.  Once we explained, he found us a reporter and gave us use of the Sheriff’s department that was just down the road. This was great for us, as we not only got Connie off the road and into a bathroom and some food down her, they were nice enough to print off our press packets we’d forgotten.  We can’t thank them enough for their help!

She hit her 100 mile mark while we were with that reporter, which worked out perfectly. Some of the runners pointed out that she finished her 100 well under the cut off for many 100 mile races… and she took 12 hours off and got a full night’s sleep. She also beat Charles’ Mohican 100 time. That was his favorite part of the trip, I’m pretty sure.

Connie still wasn’t eating as much as we wanted, so we even sent Gwen out to offer it to her, because how can she say no to Gwen? It worked.

We stopped our aid station at this daycare/preschool and the kids loved it and even came out to cheer her on.

She went over to greet them, made us all cry again, and then headed back out, saying “Well now we have to pick it thdup, I can’t have them see me running slow”. Pick it up… she’s been running 9 minute miles for 2 days.

Well, pick it up she did. At mile 112, just as I was going to run the last 10 with her, she said… I swear to God… “I need to run. I feel like I haven’t run yet.” Um… what?

I ran 3 with her and threw myself in front of a truck. Not really, but I was considering it around the time I saw the Beacon of Hope. Just as I stopped, Kenny joined in. I waved and laughed. Good luck with her. She was doing sub-9 while I was with her, or faster.

Just after Kenny joined, she got another police escort, and that’s when she really let loose. We clocked her around 7:40-7:50 pace even up the hills.

Kenny loved it so much, he got himself arrested.

Just kidding. He stopped to tie his shoe/have a cardiac episode and was NEVER going to be able to catch back up to her (no one would… well maybe Usain…) so he hitched a ride with our Delaware Sag Wagon. Another big thanks to them for their help… that was a trafficy and twisty part of Route 42, the escort was great.

Around this time, though, our entire organization was starting to crumble. She should have been stopping but wouldn’t, our car and people situation was mass chaos. She kept saying 15 more minutes, 15 more minutes, but it was getting dark and dangerous, so Roy had to go out and physically stand in front of her and tell her she was done.

Plus, they had to get her to the RRS event! RRS was gracious enough to host an event and give discounts to everyone who donated to Patriot Runners, which was cool. She did some talking, and some autographing and retired to her hotel.

The rest of us ate a delicious feast provided by Mark Carroll and Tami and showered and went to bed. She’s pretty much burned through her pacers, so good thing we have a fresh bunch tomorrow. It’s crazy how strong she’s running!

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  1. Brenda

    LOL. Connie is seriously in need of a vacation….– but I made donation anyway. Go Connie –GO ANG!

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