Diet Bet 2013

Have you heard of this site? You put your money into the pot, and then you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your weight. Everyone in the pool who makes it evenly splits the pot. This is right up my alley.

I started a small one (probably too late to join, I suck at blogging) here and joined another that started today.

I’ve never made a new year’s resolution and I certainly do not intend to start now, but this sounds like a fun way to keep myself honest! Next time I’ll double the stakes.

At any rate, here’s how day 1 went down…

Ran 3 miles @ 10:40 pace.
Harder than it sounds as I still have a wicked cold and can’t really breathe. Breathing is handy.

Breakfast - 2 egg omelete with spinach and feta cheese and half an avocado with a gala apple

Lunch - Avocado Egg Salad on a whole wheat wrap with romaine, almonds and a sliced pear

Dinner – Salisbury Steaks with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts

Not bad. It was ALL delicious, although a lot more work than telling Chipotle what to put in my bowl.

Tomorrow’s another day! I’m not saying I’m going to be able to keep up this blogging/eating perfectly thing forever, but it was at least fun today. LOL

2 thoughts on “Diet Bet 2013

  1. Elsi

    > although a lot more work than telling Chipotle what to put in my bowl.
    Indeed! That’s the challenge I have — to eat at home instead of going out. Right away, it’s going to wind up much healthier. Good luck with your plan.


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