Because why not?

I usually walk with my friend Jen on Monday mornings. We take the dogs, and we either walk 4 miles by the lake while they run around off leash, or we do 5 miles at Chippewa with them off leash only when no one is coming when I accidentally lose my grip on the leash.

Of course, today when she texted, I said SURE. Because what’s smarter than walking 5 miles with a crazy ass dog pulling you the day after a marathon and a new PR. Well, nothing, I say!

For the most part, there was no one out today, and Bella got to run pretty freely I was really clumsy with the leash. But, just to make it more exciting, we picked THIS day to go explore the hiking trails back there.

I think Bella approved.


Normally she can run off the trail, but it’s thick with shrubs and whatnot. Back here, she could run off the trail through the trees at top speed and be really really bad and ignore me when I call her.

At least my bad choices led to some good fun for the dog. I, however, still feel like hell.

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