Diet Bet Day 18

I pretty much have 12 days left to lose 3 pounds. As it took me 18 days to lose the first 4.5, and I ran about 50 miles in that time period, I’m not super hopeful. But, I don’t want to be out my $15, either (I’m in 2 games), so I press on. I should join a high stakes game to keep me honest(er).

Ran 4 miles @ 10:20 pace- Was almost like the old me! Felt pretty good, even threw in some strides at the end. Surprised I felt better 4 days post-marathon than I have in the last 3 months, but I won’t complain. Also, 30 Day Shred Day 1. Wasn’t really that excited to do more cardio, but since it’s only 2 minutes at a time, it wasn’t that bad. Considering my runs are often measured in HOURS. I can gut anything out for 2 minutes.

Breakfast - Omelete with Spinach, Green Pepper, Onions and LF Sharp Cheddar. Got a bit distracted while making it. Still yummo. Wanted a pear with it, don’t have any pears. Crying.

Lunch - Chipotle – Veggie Bowl. Needed. I was going to have a pita thing at home, but I had a Lapband incident with an orange after I worked out and I wasn’t sure it would go down, and didn’t want to find out.

Dinner - Oy. Time got away from me. So we got Dickey’s BBQ (had a Groupon). I did try to get some of the lower calorie choices, which isn’t saying much – it still added up to about 800 or so calories, of which I had 469 to spend. I guess it could be worse. I didn’t eat the roll (love those!) and I didn’t get any of the free ice cream (!!!!). I’ve done worse.

Again I ate about 14,000 snacks today. I could lose weight earlier if I didn’t feel the need to snack every 20 minutes. I swear I work out more and more to earn more calories, just to get hungrier. It’s like I can’t get ahead around here. LOL

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