Cheating. At My Age.

Not me. And not the marital variety.

For those of you who don’t know that I’m in school, or why, here’s the short story:

Alec, my oldest son, went to OU last year, hated it, basically flunked out. I, of course, would prefer he get edumacated, so I offered to take ONE class with him this semester, online, his choice. “Pick something fun!”, I said.

So, here I am in World History II. WTF? I SAID FUN! Does ‘fun’ come out sounding like ‘please pick the worst possible class for me?’. I’d rather have had math, and no one wants that. BTW – he still hates/is blowing off school. His perfectionist mother? Highly protective of her 4.0 GPA and wasting half her life on this. Figures.

ANYway, here we are. Online history class. Halfway done, and I haven’t killed myself yet, but it’s on the list.

Part of what we have to do every week is a discussion board essay. We have to write one, and comment on someone else’s. So, a couple weeks ago, I post mine, but there weren’t many up yet to comment on, so I came back later to do that part. I read one, and I’m like hmm that’s familiar. Did I just read that online or something? I went back and re-read mine and was like ……hmm. Did I accidentally copy off of her? No, mine was posted hours before hers. What the heck?

Willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, I assumed perhaps she’d copy/pasted mine into another window with the intention of using it as a framework for hers, which… whatever. I was going to let it go. But, Alec said I HAD to email the teacher, so he wouldn’t think *I* cheated, or that we worked together on it. So, I did, but even in the email I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and said I’m sure it was probably an accident but I just wanted him to know I wasn’t in on it and so forth. It’s worth noting that hers was almost word for word, but with typos I didn’t have. So, she didn’t copy/paste it, she actually had to have retyped it in. At any rate, he replied and said he’d look into it and that was that.

I thought.

This week rolls around and once again, she copies mine almost exactly word for word. Now I’m completely outraged. I’m an old ass woman. I last had a history class in 1986. We barely had cars back then. In fact, 1986 is probably coming up in the history book in a few chapters, that’s how long ago it was. Here I am putting a lot of thought and work into this, since I may as well be reading all this crap for the first time. I didn’t care in 1986, and I barely care now, so this is definitely not going smoothly (even though I currently do have a 93.9% TYVM).

Here’s a brief snippet of what I’m talking about, and keep in mind, I had 3 paragraphs, she had the same 3 paragraphs, with only the subtle changes you see here.

Mine: The Industrial Revolution brought many changes to our country, and the entire world. The greatest cause for the changes was an increase in the population of the world, brought on by lower mortality rates and more access to food.*

Hers: The Industrial Revolution brought many changes to our country, and the entire world. The greatest cause for the changes was an increase in the population of the world, brought on by more access to food, and lower mortality rates.

I emailed the teacher again, this time in a far more animated and angry manner. I included both essays in their entirety and really raged a lot. Even on FB. This means war. My husband said I’m probably getting a 20 year old single mother kicked out of school. I said if she’s a 20 year old, she just had history 2 years ago, and is far more prepared for this than I am, so she should write her own damn essay.

His reply: I have given her zeros for the assignments in question and I’m in the process of going over all of her posts to see how many times this was done before I take further action. Rest assured that she will not be receiving credit for these posts and further sanctions will be imposed. That you for your diligence.

Do I feel better? A little. I wonder how many of the other weeks she copied off of me (or someone else) and I didn’t notice. I almost wanted to wait until the last minute to post mine so that she can’t, but knowing my luck, the system would be down / my internet would be out / a tornado / something, and then I’d get a big fat 0. How does she think she won’t get caught? These are posted on the message board for us all to read. /facepalm

Stay tuned for further updates on this misery. The class, not the cheating. The cheating isn’t misery, just annoying as hell.

*I am aware that this is complete crap writing. Cut me some slack. I’m just trying to get through this class.

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