Diet Bet Day 22

Weighed in. Been fluctuating a lot the last few days, and today I landed right in the middle of those fluctuations, which leaves me officially/unofficially* down 5.2lbs since the challenge started. Not too shabby.

It’s being mean to me!

Ran 4 miles @ 10:10 pace- Feels great to be back at my old pace, even if it is harder than it was. I’m getting there. Hills most of the time, windchill was 8°F, snow blowing in my face, and I hacked up half a lung. Great run!

Also did 30 Day Shred in the evening.

Breakfast - Lowfat Yogurt with Kashi cereal, blueberries (frozen, I have low standards) and almonds.

Lunch -Was out shopping and ran late and was starving and there’s a Subway inside Wal-Mart, so I got a sandwich. Came home and made the kids put the groceries away while I inhaled it. Not before taking a photo, though! And I’ll never find any of my groceries.

Dinner - Pasta with Bolognese Sauce. Yummy warm meal on a FREEEEZING cold day.

Still snacked too much. This is a problem. But, I kept within my calories, so HOORAY.

*Only the first and last weigh in officially count in the game, because you have to submit photos for them to verify. I use a Monday weigh in as my own personal official one.

One thought on “Diet Bet Day 22

  1. Patti

    Been enjoying the pictures of your food. I get so stuck on what I can eat for Breakfast so your pictures have given me some great ideas!!

    Keep it up!


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