Diet Bet Day 23

Watched the finale of Fringe (finally) last night, and woke up with a crying hangover. Headache, puffy, etc. Not a good start.

“Intense Cross Fitness” Class- Just could not make myself run when the temperature was 7°F with a -7°F windchill. Even though I’ve run in colder. Today was not the day. So, I wandered into my old gym (haven’t been there in years) knowing they had a 9:15 class of some kind every day. Was hoping for spin, but would have done pilates or yoga or strength or whatever it was. It was this. Oh my word.

We did 10 (guessing) minutes of intense-someone-call-a-doctor spin, and then 1 minute at each of 13 stations. Wall balls, mountain climbers, bicep curls, jump rope, chest press, push press, step ups, push ups on the Bosu ball, you get the idea. Then back to the spin bikes for more cardiac episodes. Another minute at each station. Followed by one more round of spin. Just over an hour total and brutal, non-stop intensity. It was great. But I might need someone to come brush my teeth for me tomorrow.

If I had to guess, I would say I burned roughly 14,572 calories.

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs (yes I broke them on purpose) and a pear (Yay finally got some pears. They were quite disappointing, though.)

Lunch - Chipotle. Worth every calorie (emotionally and deliciously). Nap needed.

Dinner - Turkey Stuffed Peppers – These went over well last time, so I made them again. I found some Santa Fe Style ones on her site yesterday, I’m going to try them soon. I love stuffed peppers. Horrible photo. Please forgive me.

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