Scrappies 10/19

Here’s what I digitally pasted together this week. There’s a new designer at TLP and I might have gone on a bit of a binge. Don’t judge me.

Products: The Weekender by Paislee Press, Press Plate 23 by Paislee Press, Font – The Dry Ribbon by Heather Hess

Products: Don’t Harsh My Mellow papers by Amy Wolff, Don’t Harsh My Mellow elements by Amy Wolff, Hodgity Podgity Templates v3 by Amy Martin

Happiness Is
Products: Is it Friday Yet by Paislee Press, Press Plate No. 13 by Paislee Press

This Photo
Products: Hello, Love by Paislee Press, Writer’s Blocks by Paislee Press, October Template Challenge template by Amy Martin

Its Official
Products: For the Record by Paislee Press and One Little Bird, Press Plate No. 22 by Paislee Press

Made of Awesome
Good Life by Shawna Clingerman, Sedum by Sara Gleason, “Made of Awesome” word art by One Little Bird, Stitches by Amy Martin

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