Diet Bet Day 26

Hit my Diet Bet target this morning. Now I need to hold on until Wednesday AND be able to wear clothes for the weigh in. O.o

Run 5.5 miles @ 9:47 average – Weekly coffee run. My favorite, because we have coffee and pastries after. But, I’m behaving myself. The run itself was amazing and so was the breakfast.

Breakfast - Panera – Steel Cut Oats with brown sugar, pecans, and strawberries. Super delicious and nice and warm after that cold run.

Lunch - Wrap that took entirely too long to make (turkey, Laughing Cow Swiss Light, lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, green onions) and a pear. Again too much green here?

Dinner - Taco Soup – not what was on the menu, but I realized at 5pm that everything that WAS on the menu was either frozen or a crockpot meal. Oops. Good thing I happened to have all the ingredients on hand for this because I love it more than… well a lot.

Also, these:


Over and out!

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