Diet Bet Day 27

Homestretch now! I can’t believe how well I’ve done both with the diet and with the blogging! Go me!

Run 4 miles @ 11:10 average – Saturday run with the people I’m training (and my dog!). Very snowy and beautiful. Ready for spring.

Breakfast - Oatmeal with pumpkin, pecans and Craisins and I added some soy milk this time. Perfect. Loved it. I didn’t even sweeten it this time since the soy milk was vanilla.

Lunch - Taco Soup leftovers and a Gala apple

Dinner - – Running club banquet. Had a couple Bud Lights and then whatever the dinner was. Pasta, chicken, salad, cake, whatever. Kept the quantities small. Probably not the best meal I’ve eaten all month, but I’m at peace with it. I had lots of calories left to spend. Gotta have fun sometimes. :)

Weigh in for round 2 is tomorrow, I think. I’m hoping that weight can also count for my weigh OUT for round 1 but I’m not sure. Cross your fingers for a good number in the morning!

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