Diet Bet Day 28

Ran 9.25 (snowy/icy/YakTrax) miles @ 10:12 average – Feeling great! Back at my old pace and miles are flying by. Whew. Helped that my old training pal was back with me. The run is over before I know it when we run together. Been too long!

Breakfast - Trail Mix bar on my way to the run.

Brunch - Big ass pancakes with Phil after the run. Mine were berry, his were peanut butter. His were better. I had buyer’s remorse. But they were still delicious.

Dinner - Date night with my hubby. Man, 2 dates in one day. How lucky am I? Mjadrra and lebanese salad at La Kabob. Took 2 bites before I took the photo SO SORRY. Was delicious.

Pretty sure I went over calories today even WITH the 9 mile run. Oh well. Living a bit large over here so close to the deadline. Weigh OUT for one of my games in the morning. Hope I pee a lot when I wake up.

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