Diet Bet Day 29 / 1

One of my 2 Diet Bet games ended today, the other tomorrow. Round 2 of this starts today. Once I weigh out tomorrow for the other game, I’m probably going to stop this every day blogging of it. First off, I’m sure everyone is sick of my plates of food. And secondly, I haven’t even written up my Goofy race report because it’s been all focus on doing THIS every day. Maybe I’ll do weekly highlights, or something.


Today I weighed OUT for one of the games and… EXACTLY 4% down. YAY. So, I win part of that pot. Now I need to hold on until tomorrow for the other game, and I’m golden.

Here’s what it took for me to lose 4% in a month – I’ve run 114 miles including a back to back half and full marathon. I set my base calorie goal at 1200, which I think would have killed me, except – I did some form of cardio almost every single day (Not the day before / after Goofy, etc) for extra calories. Some days, I ate all the calories I burned, and others I left 100 or 200. But I only left exercise calories, I never ever ate under my 1200. Because I’m not sure I can, I love to eat. I’ve eaten exceptionally well. Lots of fruit and veggies, not a ton of bread, mostly healthy stuff. When I ‘slipped’, I still never went more than 200ish calories over for the day. I spread my calories out over the 3 meals as fairly evenly as I could, and left room for snacks because I snack. I made an effort to have protein at every meal, as well as a fruit.

It took a lot of focus, but I can see a difference, even in the baggy shirt and bad photos. Aside from the fact that I just look more tired in the after.

Ran 5 miles @ 10:30 – Really it was 1 mile at 11:30 through the slush and grass until we moved to the road, then it was 4 miles @ 10:ish. Fun run. Saw a coyote. In the neighborhood.

Breakfast - Egg beaters, spinach and feta and a pear

Lunch - Turkey/Cucumber/Laughing Cow Swiss light wrap, carrots with hummus. Pics are getting sloppy on the last day.

Dinner - Broiled Parmesan Tilapia, Broccoli cheese potatoes, Steamfresh mixed veggies

Not shown: A ridiculous amount of Dark Chocolate Chex Mix. *shakes fist* Damn you, free with coupon Chex Mix. Lucky for the run today and the Egg Beaters breakfast that left me some extra wiggle room.

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