Day 2

So, day 2 was an eating day. I expected to wake up ready to eat the world, but surprisingly I didn’t. It just seemed like any other day. Although I weighed a lot less (like 3.5lbs less). I knew much of it would come back the next day, but it was still encouraging. I guess from now I will just have to only count the Monday morning weight as “real”, since I’ll likely be fluctuating around quite a bit surrounding the fasting days.

I went about my business and didn’t eat breakfast until I’d been up for 2 hours, and even then I just had a Fiber One bar because I knew I was headed to the coffee shop to study. They have *the best* peanut buttery homemade granola bars, and I wanted one of those!

All told, I ate fairly ‘normally’. I didn’t go to BW3, even though I wanted to, but I did go out for Mexican with my son (I had fajitas) and Panera for dinner with my husband (my fave: Chopped Chicken Cobb with Avocado Salad). I had snacks throughout the day, and a couple pieces of chocolate covered toffee from Costco, and had no trouble staying around 2000. Yay.

I decided I’d target between 2000-2400 rather than trying to stick to one number or the other. That seemed to work well back in the day when WW gave you a range like that, so lets run with it.

I did start to wonder how wise I was to only put one eating day between my 2 fast days, but on the other hand, I like the idea of being free from Thurs-Sun, so we will see how it goes. Looking around the internet, I see that many people do Monday and Thursday, but my Friday run is too important to me to fast on Thursdays. And I WAS weakish yesterday. I tried to lift some weights but it was meh. Or maybe my heart just wasn’t in it. Could have been either.

So, today I fast again. Planning to eat the same meals I ate on Monday. Next week on Monday I’m going to replace the breakfast with a protein shake and see if that makes a difference. Seems like more protein would keep me full longer. But food is more emotionally satisfying. So, it’s hard to say.

Planning to run 3 miles this morning. Not sure how smart it is to burn off all the calories I eat, but I have to run some time. LOL

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