Week 1 Results

I survived the first week of The 5:2 Diet. Of course, my fast days were 1 and 3, so the 4 after that were pretty easy.

As I stated in my post the other day, I tried to keep my “feast” days somewhere between 2000-2400. That was pretty easy. I wouldn’t call it “eating whatever I want” because I “want to eat everything”, but it was still quite a bit of wiggle room. I was able to have lunch at Chic Fil A, make a trip to Lemonberry, etc.

My weight fluctuated during the week with the fast/feast days, obviously, so I am only counting my Monday weights as official. With that, I lost 2.6lbs the first week. Far far exceeded my expectations, especially after eating all what I did on the feast days.

Today is another fast day, and I’m actually excited about it. Onward!

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