August 2013 News!

So, I fell off the face of the earth in July while I took time to study for my personal training certification exam (I passed!). Now that THAT is behind me, I’m ready to start moving forward over here.

I’m no longer at TDC, but have been slowly working on adding my stuff to MyMemories. I also have it at Etsy and my personal store, as always.

The big news for this month, is the debut of the Group Therapy project at DSA! I’m excited to have been chosen to be a part of this cool project, even more that this is the DEBUT month. The swatch we had to work with was great, and I just love so many things about how it is set up. All the packs are the same size, so you can pick and choose based on what you truly love, and not feel like you should just settle for the one that has the most ‘stuff’ (been there, done that!). They also all share a similar theme, which makes mixing and matching even easier! They’re also fantastically priced!

Enough of all that, here are my products for August!

Ok, maybe I got a bit carried away. Hee hee.

I even did a layout with my things!

Here’s the ad for the project. If you follow it along, there’s even a big e-zine of all the products in action. Pretty fun stuff!

Thanks for hanging with me through all of that, and my month “off” (clearly not OFF as I made all that stuff LOL). Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things here soon – 3 weeks until the kids go back to school! Hooray! Of course, I go back in 4, but we won’t focus on that part. :)

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