My 100 Mile Month…

is fading away.

My 2012 goal was to run 100 miles each month. It’s easy while marathon training, not so easy when I’m not. But, so far, I’d done ok:


But October, not so much. I didn’t run much the first week, since I’d just done Akron. Then the taper for Columbus, and now this week.

Today’s run felt like my first. Ever. Legs not moving, and heart rate far higher than it should be for the pace.

At this point, I’d need to average 4 per day to make it. Which seems easy enough, but this is not enjoyable running, folks. Plus, my IT band is slowly becoming inflamed and I definitely don’t have time for THAT, so I might have to call it for this month.

If only I’d granted myself rollover miles.

Maybe I’ll have a miraculous recovery and be able to do a 16 miler on the 31st? Nahh.

Oh well, it’s been a fantastic year. I can’t complain!

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