About Me

So, this was me:


Does this explain why I’m not super fast? Maybe. Clearly I am not the most energetic person if I got to that point. At any rate, I did. Then here’s what happened next:

August 2007-Jan 2008 – Weight Watchers – Lost about 25lbs
February 2008 – Lap Band Surgery – Lost about 30lbs
March 2009 – Finally got off my ass and started Couch to 5k – Lost another 35lbs

hi there!

In the meantime, I got my RRCA Coaching Certification, and now I help other people learn to run. I do group clinics for Couch to 5k, 10k and then half marathon. It’s super fun and even more rewarding than crossing the finish line myself.

Who woulda thought?

Oh, and I live in Northeast Ohio with 1x husband, 5x kids, and 1x dog. Minor details.

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