My Feats

I’ll spare you all of them, since frankly I don’t remember them all.  If you get super bored, you can look me up on Athlinks.

First: 35:37 5/9/09
PR: 25:41 4/21/12 (Masters Winner!)

First: 1:12:25 7/4/09
PR: 55:11 2/27/11
(I haven’t run one since then – better get on it!)

Half Marathon
First: 2:51:38 8/30/09
PR: 1:58:26 11/6/11
Recent: 2:03:46 9/9/12 (with stitches!)

Full Marathon
First: 6:28:16 10/17/10 (Columbus)
PR: 4:33:33 10/21/12 (Columbus)

I’ve also done Warrior Dash x2, Tough Mudder, several 25-62 mile bike rides, and Pedal to the Point in 2012 (100 miles on day 1 and 83 on day 2). Last year I did a sprint triathlon, this year I did a duathlon. I hope to spend more time in the water next year to do more triathlons!

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