Day 2

So, day 2 was an eating day. I expected to wake up ready to eat the world, but surprisingly I didn’t. It just seemed like any other day. Although I weighed a lot less (like 3.5lbs less). I knew much of it would come back the next day, but it was still encouraging. I guess from now I will just have to only count the Monday morning weight as “real”, since I’ll likely be fluctuating around quite a bit surrounding the fasting days.

I went about my business and didn’t eat breakfast until I’d been up for 2 hours, and even then I just had a Fiber One bar because I knew I was headed to the coffee shop to study. They have *the best* peanut buttery homemade granola bars, and I wanted one of those!

All told, I ate fairly ‘normally’. I didn’t go to BW3, even though I wanted to, but I did go out for Mexican with my son (I had fajitas) and Panera for dinner with my husband (my fave: Chopped Chicken Cobb with Avocado Salad). I had snacks throughout the day, and a couple pieces of chocolate covered toffee from Costco, and had no trouble staying around 2000. Yay.

I decided I’d target between 2000-2400 rather than trying to stick to one number or the other. That seemed to work well back in the day when WW gave you a range like that, so lets run with it.

I did start to wonder how wise I was to only put one eating day between my 2 fast days, but on the other hand, I like the idea of being free from Thurs-Sun, so we will see how it goes. Looking around the internet, I see that many people do Monday and Thursday, but my Friday run is too important to me to fast on Thursdays. And I WAS weakish yesterday. I tried to lift some weights but it was meh. Or maybe my heart just wasn’t in it. Could have been either.

So, today I fast again. Planning to eat the same meals I ate on Monday. Next week on Monday I’m going to replace the breakfast with a protein shake and see if that makes a difference. Seems like more protein would keep me full longer. But food is more emotionally satisfying. So, it’s hard to say.

Planning to run 3 miles this morning. Not sure how smart it is to burn off all the calories I eat, but I have to run some time. LOL

Day 1 in the books!

I didn’t die.

I’m not even lying when I say this: It wasn’t NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be.

I ate my breakfast around 8:45 and went about my day. I dropped my car off at the shop and walked home 3 miles. Later I walked another mile to pick up the rental. I drank a ton of water. I had a soccer game at 6:30pm. I was worried about how I’d be able to run, so I offered to be goalie. I ended up only playing goalie for half and field the second half, and actually felt fine (other than having to pee something fierce!).

I didn’t get home until 9pm to make my salad. So a full 12 hours between meals.

I’d say 2-3 times the hunger hit me a little, but within a few minutes (10 or so) it passed. I wasn’t even really that hungry for the salad. I could have gone without it. I forced myself to eat it, though.

Here it is, for 300 calories:

Romaine, cucumbers, strawberries, pecans, 1.5oz of rotisserie chicken, low fat bleu cheese and Kraft raspberry vinaigrette. I may have gone a bit overboard on the lettuce. LOL

All in all, it was an easy day. I think it was actually easier to just not eat all day than to try to figure out what I could have or couldn’t have, how many calories I had left, how many calories were in this or that and so on. I was barely hungry, and my energy level was fine. As an added bonus, I kept the water flowing, so I’m good and hydrated. I liked it! I’m actually looking forward to the next one – HOW WEIRD IS THAT, Y’ALL?

5:2 / The Fast Diet

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Geez.

I figured now was a good time to get back into it as I’m starting a new diet this week and I know people will have questions. So, I’ll get them all down here, as best I can.

Up until now, I’ve been following (or not following, as has been the case the last month or 2) a 1600 calorie a day diet. If I worked out, I allowed myself to eat those calories, as well. It was working, and it was pressuring me into exercising more, but I was miserable. I always felt like I wanted to eat more, and that I couldn’t have what I wanted. Which is what led me to eventually throwing in the towel and just eating whatever and not keeping track. I still kept the fact that I’m fat in the back of my mind, and tried not to go all in and still make halfway decent choices, but you can imagine how that went.

A friend of mine from the running group, Dan, posted that he was doing a diet where he fasts 2 days a week and eats whatever the other 5. I gave it a “hmm” and then didn’t think too much more about it. I saw him the other day, eating a big ass Panera cinnamon roll, and asked him how it was going. He said he’d been at it 3 weeks, and was down 3 pounds, and he was currently eating a big ass cinnamon roll, so I became a little more interested. Especially as he doesn’t appear to have 3lbs TO lose. I’ve got a good 30.

Long story still long, I ordered the book. It’s a quick read, so I had it done in 2 evenings. It would have probably been one, but I read in bed and I’m old and fall asleep easily. At any rate, the science behind the fasting was interesting – it goes back to the days when we were always feast or famine and how our bodies aren’t made to be fed non-stop. Cell regeneration begins when the food stops, etc. I do like the idea of being healthier.

Here’s a site that talks about it a bit more than I have here.

But, what I really like, is being able to eat ‘normally’ 5 days a week. I did a lot of math that I won’t bore you entirely with, but here’s the gist of it.

At 1600/day, I was consuming 11200 per week (not including exercise calories consumed or burned)
My BMR (calories I burn naturally doing nothing) is 1555
So my daily calorie intake to maintain my current weight (ain’t nobody got time fo dat!) is 2410 (I used ‘moderately active’).

2410×7 days = 16870 calories per week. In order to lose 1 pound per week, I would cut that by 3500, giving me 13370, or 1910 per day. Side note: This might explain why I was miserable. Although, on exercise days, I DID eat 1900+ and still felt like I wanted to EATALLTHEFOOD.

If I were to change that around to eating 500 on Monday and 500 on Wednesday, that would leave me 12370 to eat the other 5 days, or 2474 per day.

Notice, the weekly consumption is the same. But with 2474 calories per day, I can actually eat, and eat well, and eat what I want. If I can manage to keep that at 2000 with the fast days and all the exercise, I’d probably be closer to 1.5 per week. With 30 to lose, I think that’s reasonable enough.

The big question becomes: How will this effect my running. That was the first question I asked Dan, who runs 3478x more than I do. And better. He said the day OF the fast, it goes ok because he runs in the morning before the fast would have had any impact. It’s the day after that is the problem. Since I normally run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, I decided Monday and Wednesday would be my days to try it.

And that today would be an even better Monday to try it, since I don’t intend to run today anyway.

I decided, as the book recommends, a small breakfast and dinner to spend my 500. There are other ways to spread it out, but that felt like the best fit. I’m going to try to keep the breakfast around 200, and dinner 300.

Today I made this:

1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1 cup of spinach, 1/8 c low fat feta with 1/2 cup strawberries. I also had 1 tbs cream in both of my 2 cups of coffee. Grand total: 206 calories.

Mental note to self, pick a not yellow plate to make eggs look more exciting.

Now I keep myself busy until dinner.

I might be going to bed at 5pm. Ha.

Some new pages

Just a few pages from this week. :)

Credits: A Little Bit of This Papers and Elements by Amy Wolff

Credits: May Storyteller Collection by Just Jaimee, Spring Carnival Template by Amy Martin

And this, For Digi Dare #322 (LOVE being a Darer!)

Credits: Playground Love Doodles & Embellishments by Allison Pennington, Playground Love Patterns and Backgrounds by Allison Pennington, Need More Stitches by Amy Martin, The Twig (font) by Heather Joyce

Hopefully my scrapping groove is returning! I’ve had fun making some more pages lately.

5/16 Releases

No releases last week because I think I was still in the fetal position from iNSD. This week I just have some re-releases, but these pocket pages are some of my top sellers of all time, so maybe they’ll be welcome re-releases.

Here we go!

See you soon for more pages or kits or something – we’ll see how it goes. LOL

Some Scrappies!

My scrapping hasn’t been as frequent as of late with the store change and general life chaos, but I do have a few today to share. Since it IS iNSD and all. I couldn’t resist all the new goodies! :)

Credits: Be by Micheline Martin, Plant Your Story: Journaled v2 by Sara Gleason

Credits: Manic Monday by Amy Wolff and Lynne-Marie, Spring Carnival template by Amy Martin

Credits: Get Your Craft On by Micheline Martin, Lauren Grier and Valorie Wibbens, Plant Your Story Journaled v2 by Sara Gleason

May ’13 DigiScrap Parade / iNSD is here!

I am crawling out of the woodwork with this blog post because – it’s freebie time!

I got to participate in The DigiScrap Parade blog train this month and I’m super excited about it. I loved the colors, and I think you will, too!

Here is the mini kit I created as my portion of the train. If you like it, just click the image to scoot on over to my Facebook page to download it!

If you’re not already my Facebook fan, definitely consider that. I have this freebie there currently, but there’s always one available. I try to switch it out once a month or so.

And if you’re doing any shopping when you’re done riding the train, hop on over to The Digi Chick! They’ve got a great sale going on for iNSD and I’ve got some fun journaling cards up this week.

If you love them all, I even have them as a bundle at an absurd price. :)

That’s all I have for now… see you in 3 months. Ha.

4/25 Releases!

One of my favorite kits is back this week. I love it, because I live it! I love to run, lift, cycle, play team sports, whatever I can do to keep busy. So, this kit has got my name written all over it!

And some layouts from the TDC team!

Also back this week is my Kraft Mega pack. My whole gallery of pages seems to have a kraft background.

And lastly, the wave templates are back – BUT! They now include the DFX and SVG cutting files for use in your cutting machines. Woo hoo!!

If you use them for hybrid or paper pages, I’d love a link back to see! I’m so excited to have figured that whole cut file thing out, I promise there is much more to come!

Until then, don’t forget to scrap with what you buy. Ha!

4/18 Releases

Nothing “new” this week, just the re-release of these old favorites. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, they’re probably more interesting than I am anyway!

Of course I have to use this layout by my girl ChrissyW, since she used ME on the page.

See you next week for more shenanigans!

New for 4/11

Time for more new goodies in the store!

First up is this fun set of photo templates. These are great if you are doing a Project Life type layout or project or if you just want to print a bunch of smaller photos on one 4×6.

Love this brag book that Liz whipped up!

And this fun 2 page layout by Hilary shows how versatile they can be.

I also added my favorite alpha ever this week. This was once a FB freebie, so check your stash!

That’s a wrap! Happy shopping. :)